How It Works

Precise Office-Based Therapy

NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy for Mental Health uses TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) to stimulate neurons in the area of the brain that controls mood.12,16 Patients receive NeuroStar Advanced Therapy in a physician’s office without the need for general anesthesia or sedation. NeuroStar’s proprietary components and software are designed to precisely and consistently deliver the recommended treatment dose.

Only NeuroStar has Contact Sensing that provides continuous real-time feedback to the clinician, ensuring that the patient receives the prescribed dose of NeuroStar Advanced Therapy.1

Mechanism of Action

Take a closer look at how NeuroStar works in the video below.

Mechanism of Action

Efficient, Convenient Treatment

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is delivered while the patient is awake and alert and has no effect on alertness, allowing the patient to drive and resume daily activities immediately following each treatment session.10

Image of patient sitting in a NeuroStar chair talking to a physician

Only NeuroStar has MT Assist®, which allows the physician to determine the proper dose and motor threshold unique to each patient. After the initial treatment session, MT Assist records the treatment coordinates so they do not need to be re-identified in future treatments. A trained member of the office staff may administer subsequent treatment sessions.

Cloud-Based Practice Management

NeuroStar’s proprietary, HIPAA-compliant TrakStar® practice management system captures all treatment-relevant data so it can be downloaded to any NeuroStar system in a psychiatrist’s network. Patients do not need to be treated by the same NeuroStar system for each treatment session. All patient information can be downloaded from TrakStar and analyzed in real time on a laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

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