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A Better Way to Treat Patients Suffering from Depression

Three out of five patients suffering from major depressive disorder are underserved by their antidepressant medications or have not found a medication that offers lasting remission.10,14,26

STAR*D Study: The Limitations of Antidepressants

The largest prospective clinical trial of MDD ever conducted, STAR*D showed that treatment resistance causes a patient’s chance for remission to decrease with each subsequent medication attempt.9,18,21,23STAR*D Achieving Remission chart

The STAR*D study additionally showed that the discontinuation of antidepressants due to side effects increases with each treatment attempt.9,18,21,23

STAR*D Discontinuation chart

Patients are Ready for a New Treatment Solution

Based on a recent market research study of 500 patients diagnosed with depression, NeuroStar found that 67% of patients with MDD are not happy with their current treatment and quality of life, and are actively searching for new treatment solutions.

NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy for Mental Health is here to help you help these patients.

Reconnect with your children.

A non-invasive therapeutic alternative for patients suffering from MDD, NeuroStar addresses many of the key limitations of existing treatment options and has shown an 83% response rate and a 62% remission rate in real-world** outcomes.5,22

NeuroStar provides you with clinically demonstrated response and remission, durable results, a demonstrated safety profile with limited side effects, and high patient adherence.8,11,12 NeuroStar also allows you to offer precise, reproducible office-based therapy that is convenient for both you and your patients.

Image of patient sitting in a NeuroStar chair with physician positioning the wand on her head

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