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When Drugs Don’t Work, Look to NeuroStar®

NeuroStar is an FDA-cleared non-drug, non-invasive treatment for patients with depression who aren’t satisfied with the results of antidepressant medications. NeuroStar is proven safe, proven effective, and proven to transform lives.11,12

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STAR*D Study: The Limitations of Antidepressants

STAR*D Study graph showing remission rate decreases

The largest prospective clinical trial of MDD ever conducted, the STAR*D Study, showed that first-line antidepressants are only 27.5% effective at treating to remission, and treatment resistance causes a patient’s chance for remission to decrease with each subsequent medication attempt.9,18,21,23

STAR*D Study graph shows increases by treatment

The STAR*D study additionally showed that the discontinuation of antidepressants due to side effects increases with each treatment attempt.9,18,21,23

Patients Are Searching for a New Standard of Care

Perhaps most compelling, a recent study of 500 depression patients showed that 67% of patients with MDD aren’t happy with their current treatment and quality of life, and are actively searching for new treatment solutions.10,14,26

For patients who haven’t found relief from antidepressants, trying another medication may not be the answer.

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The Best Option When Medications Fail

NeuroStar has achieved 83% response and 62% remission rates for patients with MDD, according to results from a retrospective study of real-world outcomes in nearly 8,000 patients and over 100 sites.5 The NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy Outcomes Registry, which is the largest data set in MDD, is comprised of more than 17,000 patients across 118 NeuroStar practice sites.7,8

NeuroStar performance is backed by the world’s largest depression Outcomes Registry**, with evaluable data on over 17,000 patients since its initiation in 2016. This real-world data was collected from 118 NeuroStar practice sites.2,6

83 %
62 %

An Advanced Solution for Patients with MDD

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy for Mental Health may be the answer your patients are looking for:
Proven long-term remission

Proven long-term remission with demonstrated durability up to 1 year 8,11

Non-drug, non-invasive treatment

A non-drug, non-invasive alternative

Side effects unlike antidepressants

Does not have the same common side effects as antidepressants5

Covered by major insurances

Covered by Medicare, Tricare, and a majority of commercial payors


Insurance Coverage in All 50 States

NeuroStar is widely reimbursed, with insurance coverage in all 50 states, including Medicare and Tricare. Over 95 major U.S. private insurers provide coverage for NeuroStar, representing 300 million people. Medicare provides 100% coverage for NeuroStar (61 million covered people).

NeuroStar has a specialized reimbursement team with the expertise to support you throughout our partnership.

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