NeuroStar® Real-Time Contact Sensing

Only the NeuroStar® Contact Sensing system ensures the right patient dose, at the right location, every time with real-time feedback on the angle and contact of our unique coil.2

When patients move during treatment, contact with the coil can be compromised. Coughing, sneezing, or fidgeting can cause the patient’s head to lose contact with the coil, resulting in a loss of up to 47% of the patient’s prescribed dose.2

Feedback in Three Dimensions

NeuroStar’s patented Contact Sensing system provides real-time feedback in three dimensions and delivers an alert if and when contact with the coil is compromised. This assures that the dosage is not compromised and that a full treatment takes place.

Contact Sensing confirms that your patients are receiving optimal treatment by ensuring accurate dosage at the right location.2 Combined with a specially contoured coil designed to properly fit the patient’s head, NeuroStar Advanced Therapy delivers safe, effective, tolerable treatment.12

NeuroStar Handset

TouchStar™ Theta Burst

A new way to dramatically reduce your patients’ treatment session times, TouchStar™ Theta Burst with Contact Sensing is a NeuroStar treatment protocol that involves higher-frequency pulses than our standard protocols. This results in treatment sessions being reduced to around 3 minutes.

TrakStar® Patient Data Management System

Only NeuroStar offers TrakStar®, a patient data management system designed to increase your productivity, safety, and practice marketing.

TrakStar is a proprietary, HIPAA-compliant patient outcomes reporting system specially designed to support you. TrakStar captures all treatment-relevant data so it can be downloaded to any NeuroStar system in your network. All patient information can be downloaded from TrakStar and analyzed in real time on a laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

Woman Using TrakStar

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