Proven Programs

Proven Programs To Support Your Practice Success

The NeuroStar suite of practice-focused programs keeps you in-step throughout the entire patient journey, and to help patients get the treatment they need.

The NeuroStar 5 STARS Solution

The only partnership in TMS that supports practice success and better patient outcomes.

The 5 STARS Solution is a proven program designed to help you lead your practice to success by transforming the lives of more patients. The 5 STARS Solution is the result of more than 14 years of experience in over 900 NeuroStar practices, all brought together to support patients and practices.

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A Stellar Outcome

A Stellar Outcome
Whether you are a brand new NeuroStar practice getting ready to treat your first patient or a seasoned practice operationalizing a fleet of systems, the 5 STARS Solution addresses 5 areas of focus, each with action steps, leading your practice to success.

The 5 STARS Solution is a proven formula, that helps you:

  • Identify ideal patients,
  • Increase patient awareness, and
  • Market your practice
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The NeuroStar Co-op Program

The program that directly invests in your practice to help you build patient awareness of NeuroStar and improve patients’ access to care.

Unlike anything else in mental health treatment, the NeuroStar Co-op Program gives you the information, assets, and guidance to reach more patients.

The NeuroStar Co-op Program
When you register for NeuroStar’s Co-op Program, you get exclusive access to:

  • Co-op dollars to cover up to 50% of your approved advertising costs*
  • Pre-designed, proven advertising materials
  • A roadmap of marketing tactics to effectively reach patients in your market
  • Access to preferred vendors that can execute your marketing plans

Get everything you need to support your practice with the NeuroStar Co-op Program at today!

*Amounts are based on Star Levels and treatment session purchases. All costs and assets must be pre-approved to guarantee payback. See for details.

The Resource Center

The My NeuroStar Resource Center offers you access to NeuroStar marketing and advertising assets you can download and customize for your practice.

Market your NeuroStar practice with access to assets including:

  • NeuroStar branding assets
    • NeuroStar Logos
    • An image library including
      • Brain / Scientific images
      • Treatment images
      • NeuroStar system images
      • Videos
  • Downloadable social media posts (and a Social Media Toolkit to help you get started!) Resource Center

The My NeuroStar Resource Center has something for everyone - check it out and go further with your practice marketing today!