New System Features

What’s New with NeuroStar®?

Improve your efficiencies and simplify your practice with these innovative new system features.

Fast MT™

  • Optimizes process for Motor Threshold (MT) determination
  • New algorithm uses only 10 pulses to determine MT level, reducing steps by 50% when compared to NeuroStar MT Assist®
  • New graphic display helps visualize MT level refinement
Image of patient sitting in a NeuroStar chair with physician positioning the wand on her head


  • Easily add or remove the SoftStart during a treatment session while maintaining the selected Treatment Pulses
  • SoftStart introduces a series of stepped pulses within each pulse train ramping up to the prescribed treatment level
Image of patient sitting in a NeuroStar chair talking to a physician


New TrakStar® Features

Benefits Investigation (BI) Requests

  • Quickly and easily request a BI for new patient leads and efficiently manage your results through TrakStar
  • The NeuroStar Reimbursement team will process the BI on your behalf and load the report into TrakStar
  • Notification is sent through the TrakStar message center once results are available
  • Completed BIs will be accessible in TrakStar leads for review by your staff and easy conversion to a future patient
  • Click one button to convert a lead to a patient

Scheduled Patient Outcome Measures

  • Gain insights into your patients clinical status without the need for in-office visits or staff phone calls
  • Reduce staff time and increase patient response by scheduling automated patient surveys
  • Select one or more survey for each patient (surveys available: PHQ-9, GAD-7, QIDS-SR, IDS-SR)
  • Set up for daily / weekly / monthly / yearly sending options to assist in patient follow-up and tracking changes

Ready to Simplify Your Practice?

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