NeuroStar Community Guidelines

Thank you for visiting our social community page. At NeuroStar, we are committed to collaborating with the clinical community to improve care for the many people suffering with chronic neurohealth disorders. Beyond pioneering and developing state-of-the-art technologies, we take an active approach to supporting the patients and physicians we serve. We want this to be a place of respect and safety for those who may be suffering from depression, and for their families.

We encourage positive, constructive contributions from you. Through active, respectful engagement with each other, we may learn, shift our perspectives, and see the bigger picture. Our unique differences create the opportunity to do better—and be better—every day. We’re all in this together!

We ask that all our visitors adhere to our community guidelines so that everyone may have an enjoyable experience. Please note that we have the right to remove any post or comment that violates the social platform’s Terms of Use. In addition, we respectfully request that you avoid posting comments that include:

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If your post or comment references an adverse reaction or side effect, we may contact you directly, or provide you with our direct contact information so that we may obtain additional information from you.

The views and opinions expressed by our followers are not a reflection of NeuroStar® Advanced TMS Therapy or Neuronetics. Neither NeuroStar® Advanced TMS Therapy nor Neuronetics endorses or are responsible for the information and opinions our online community shares.

We are committed to leading the way in developing non-drug, non-invasive treatments that help transform the lives of people everywhere who are living with neurohealth disorders.