Drew Robinson’s Story

Drew Robinson:

Finding a new possibility for life with NeuroStar® TMS

When antidepressant medications didn’t provide relief, former professional baseball player Drew Robinson faced the unthinkable. Today he’s a mental health advocate, helping others tap into a new possibility for treating their depression just like he did, with NeuroStar TMS.

Drew Robinson’s NeuroStar Journey

My Journey with Depression & NeuroStar with Drew Robinson

TMS - A safe, effective option for depression treatment

When antidepressants didn’t provide relief for Drew’s depression, he didn’t know he had other options. The same is true for so many people; when antidepressants don’t work, they lose hope, and feel their depression just can’t be helped. Luckily he found Dr. Zand, who helped him learn about all his treatment possibilities.

If you, or someone you love, are suffering from depression and antidepressants haven’t helped, talk with a NeuroStar doctor and see if NeuroStar TMS might be the possibility you’re looking for.

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May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and a great time to share the possibility NeuroStar provides with someone who needs it most. Click to share Drew’s story on your Facebook account to let others know about the possibility of NeuroStar.

NeuroStar TMS - proven depression relief that lasts

NeuroStar TMS is FDA-cleared therapy for major depressive disorder. More than 4.3 million treatments have been delivered, in over 120,000 patients. NeuroStar is a safe, effective depression treatment, and a new possibility for those who haven’t been helped by antidepressants.

See how NeuroStar treats depression without the side effects of medication, and find out if NeuroStar TMS might be an option for you or someone you care for.

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Depression caregiver resources

When someone you care for is suffering from major depression, it can be difficult to know how to help. We’ve created a guide to help you care for your loved one, with resources to help determine whether NeuroStar could be an option for them, and how to increase the chances for success once they start NeuroStar treatment.

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